Control & Automation

Sapran Inc. provides engineering and programming services to various industries. Projects may vary in size, from a limited study and analysis, to a large-scale project including design, supply and installation of complete process lines.

Sapran Inc. is a product independent company, integrating systems from various leading drives, PLC and HMI vendors to fit unique requirement of each client. We are multidiscipline engineering and equipment supply firm.

Sapran Inc. is dedicated to providing solutions that meet or exceed our customer's needs, at fair and competetive price, while adhering to sound engineering principles and to proven technologies.

Pre Automation Solutions
• Providing strategic direction and planning services for every aspect of projects.

Post Automation Support
We've got you covered on time-critical support, to knowledge transfer and documentation.
We have successfully done projects in the following verticals:
• Power Distribution
• Water Treatmant Plan
• Oil & Gas
• Automotive
• Metals, Mining & Materials