Scada Systems

We recognise the importance of an intuitive SCADA System which provides all the detailed information for the modern production environment. Multiple view nodes, wireless stations, remote web access and dual redundant systems are just a few of the bespoke areas of SCADA System integration that Sapran Inc has been involved with.

With accountability and traceability being of high importance in the production environment we have developed SCADA System with bespoke reporting packages, SMS and/or email notification routines and set point change logging.

Using many vendor platforms we have the experience and skill to integrate most SCADA System to existing control infrastructures.

SCADA Software:
• Rockwell, RS View 32
• CI Technologies, CiTect
• Intellution, Ifix 3.5
• Intellution MX2000
• Wonderware, Intouch
• Mitsubishi MX4