Scada Systems

In a world that is plagued by downtime our PLC programmers can help improve the reliability and repeatability of your old equipment using a PLC application. Where an existing process needs to be improved or an aging machine needs some new life Sapran Engineering has the tools and expertise to improve your process with a PLC controller that will help keep you on the road to profitability.

Sapran Engineering Engages in the Following Processes for PLC Projects:
• Assessment is done by qualified Sapran technician.
• SWOT analysis of opportunity is performed.
• Sapran Engineering determines if a PLC application is the best solution to the problem.
• Control philosophy of customer is understood by the Sapran Engineering technician.
• Sapran Engineering decides what type of PLC Controller best suits the PLC application selected.
• Spec is produced by Sapran Engineering technician.
• Spec is reviewed and approved by customer.
• Upon customer approval timeline is delivered and resources assigned.
• Regular project updates and meetings are initiated by Sapran Engineering team.
• Project is completed upon agreed to spec.
• Other opportunities for efficiencies are presented where possible.
• Job is signed off on by customer.
• Invoice is issued.